The dictionary definition – ‘the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

I am sharing a well written article here How to Overcome Writer’s Block

I like this particular article for one reason.  It advices writing as a cure for writer’s block. Yes, the key is to never stop writing. There is a little voice in your head ( not that crazy one) that warns you. It tells you that you could get stuck in rut writing what you think is ‘below par’, but if you stop writing altogether, it could be ‘all gone’.

Just like no two people are alike, no two cases of writer’s block are alike. This is a problem that will need individualized solutions.

Read this article about different types of ‘Writer’s Block’. The 10 Types of Writer’s Block – A well researched write-up.

The most common is number nine. There are plenty of ideas that sound cool in your head and read dumb on paper.  I personally have struggled with number three. That isn’t the worst one though. The biggie is number six, getting bored with your characters. Some writers love their characters so much they wear them on a T-shirt – also a good marketing technique? I don’t know, but if you don’t like your characters, my personal advice is stop with that and start anew. This article however does not have any tips for the opposite problem – characters from your other writing are stuck in your head and won’t let you move on to write your next great novel.

Repeat – characters from your other writing are stuck in your head and won’t let you move on to write your next great novel.

This is something that I struggled with. Sometimes the state of mind you are in seems to be coming from a bigger, far away source that is beyond your control. It is a strange state to be in, nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I worked through that and it took time but it somewhat similar to the ‘Kill Your Darlings’ advice.

The first time you hear that, you are incensed. That is not what you want to do at all, you want to write more and more about the characters you love but your sense of professionalism tells you that their story is done, there is no sequel there and so it is over, but… ( If this sentence is long and wordy, that’s on purpose)

Write them out 

(Please) The seriousness of this exercise cannot be over-emphasized.  Whether or not you want to share your writing is up to you but you have to use all the characters altogether to write them out into oblivion. It works to ease those brain nerves into believing that those blocks that have specific names are now dead and buried. They were turning into bullies ‘blocking’ the path to the paradise marked ‘eloquence’, and now they are gone.

Here is another great article ( Scroll down for my own comments) Analyzing Writer’s Block

What has ‘Inception’ Got to do With It? 

Have you seen that movie? Did you like it? What keeps a person grounded? Is it just the spinning top or is it knowing who you are? The answer isn’t simple but in a way the ‘spinning top’ is just anything that defines something that is fundamental about you. It could be a line from a movie you love that first got you thinking about writing, or that person whose face you keep in the recesses of your brain because only that inspires you…

A special kind of ‘Mind Block’ as described in the third article, is losing sight of  your ‘Spinning Top’ . I’ve found that keeping sight of it helps keep you focused. That never fails.


All kinds of writer’s resources, aids, grammar checks make writing in english seem like fun.  To each his own. I don’t believe ‘software’ limits your capabilities between one and the other.  It is a personal choice and what works works.  I use MS Word and that is the best one according to me even if I imagine that too much dependency (over the years) is making me forget how to spell!  ( Like cell phones have taken away my ability to retain phone numbers) .

If you are a script writer, try Scrivener or Final Draft