When I heard that ‘Twin Peaks’ was back again

(Before I caught Parts I & II) 

When the buzz found me, I wondered what ‘Twin Peaks’ was. I realized I must be the only TV junkie who hadn’t been exposed to this. Fortunately, thanks to Netflix, I was able to catch up.


I can say this – it is timeless. Some of these old mysteries, like ‘Twilight Zone’, seem dated today, but ‘Twin Peaks’ has an appeal that transcends time and generations.  This being renewed by ‘Showtime’ has the potential to become the new ‘LOST’. I have no idea what the new season is about but there is the same foundation in folklore and urban legends mixed with a close-knit group surviving around a single tragic event.  No matter what happened, in the original seasons, after the first murder-victim was found, no matter how many more murders and atrocities were committed, nothing toppled that off the top of the list. They remained focused on the one thing that shook the quiet community by its roots and just glazed through the rest.


The parallelism is unique and just draws you into this fantasy, the promise of something so surreal it could answer all your questions.  The popularity of shows like this is proof that there is a philosopher in all of us.


With it coming back after twenty years, that number a reference to something in the last episode from the last season, this also becomes a psychological experiment. I’m sure it will be a learning experience for all of us.



After I Watched Parts I & II of the New Season


Okay so it is no longer just surrealistic fantasy, there is science involved. However, the overall theme of monsters hopping bodies instigating crimes is still in place. Might there even be a ghost or an undetected energy carrying out mere intentions? Why only the evil ones? The first episode was both brilliant and disappointing. It explained a lot about the past, and it was fun to see some of the old characters, but the new storyline was a repetition of an old plot. “It is happening again”.

Wonder if we’ll ever learn the whole truth behind the tragedy?


Overall 3 out of 5 stars.