There is this guy with a question –


There is this guy with a question. No one has any answers for him; not ones he likes anyway. He looks at you and goes, “Why do you write stories? Why?”

Have you met this person? What do you tell him? Of all the questions that come your way that start with Why… this one has to be the most annoying.

I don’t actually have an answer but sometimes I just yell out a flippant “because I want to”     AnneTyler

Other writer’s who’ve been asked this question haven’t done a better job either.  I don’t think they’ve been able to satisfy this guy however creative their answers might have been.



To get into the mind of such a person you have to think back to the time you stood in front of a painting, the one or many such paintings, that stumped you. Not all of us understand every kind of art.

The fact is there is are people in this world, existing amongst us dreamers, who don’t understand ‘writing fiction’ as an art.  They exist. They walk around like normal people and they look just like us, but in their heads the idea of imaginative thinking is just a bunch of crock.  I think some people are even afraid of it. ( As you can tell I’ve been googling)


The only proof that imagination exists is that there is just one story that is yours. If you only wrote your story you’d have just one book.  There are many ways you can split yourself and write your stories but don’t you think that imagination plays a part there? So there is the proof that imagination exists.


Life is real, and all imagination springs from something real, (unless you are Stephen King) and how far you travel from that reality is what sets you apart from the other person who does the same thing.


As for people who don’t understand why people who write write, perhaps they are too busy doing something that others can write about.


Thank you for reading.