When Simran Singh gets her dream job her joy knows no bounds. Thrilled to be climbing the corporate latter she gives her job her all, but then it happens. The competition arrives and his name is Ram Brahma. What does Ram want? Why does he seem to be everywhere where the arch over the doorstep reads ‘Simran’s Sucess’? If he isn’t openly stalking her he’s getting his buddies to do that – buddies who seem to have waltzed in there with a free ticket issued for their outstanding skills in other areas. Cricket players, actors, politicians – it is a never ending list.  What is Simran, a middle-class girl with just a few friends, supposed to do? Quit?

Turns out the decision is made for her. Ram manages to get her out and she is left with nothing, not even the first rung of the ladder she’d barely had her feet on. Frustrated and defeated she moves on to other things but the nature of Ram’s politics won’t allow her even that.

In the end she has no choice but to take the bull by the horns and solve the crime of her own harassment.