The sitcom moments that stay with you aren’t just the ones that get the most laughs. The moments that you relate with make you smile secretly. They make you wonder, and that feeling lingers, perhaps forever. The ones you’d like to forget you’re bound to label as ‘terrible’!

Here is my personal list of the best and worst moments, in no particular order.


BEST – MUFFIN TOPS. Elaine wants to chuck the stumps of muffins and there ensues a rather ambitious project – an entire business plan based on just how much she likes just the muffin tops. Getting carried away is one thing; investing in it is quite another, but this isn’t what I connected with. It was that moment when the lady at the homeless shelter yells at the ‘stump dumpers’. Rebecca De Mornay is a name I’ll never forget because until I heard her point of view, I was sold on what Elaine had set out to do.

      1. WORST – PUFFY SHIRT. The low talker who makes Seinfeld wear a puffy shirt on a T.V. Show. This I’d rather forget because I’ve been called that more often than I’d like to remember.



                        BEST – THE ONE WHERE EVERYBODY FINDS OUT. The way this episode presented what happened to my cousins (yes, that is what I’ll always maintain), was just beautiful. Earlier when I told people about how some of my cousins ran around yelling and waving blocking a certain  something from a certain someone’s view hoping to avoid a major showdown, I’d always have to end with ‘You had to be there’. This is the sweetest episode, one that showcases the unique nature of their camaraderie while moving the story forward in the funniest way imaginable.



                     WORST– THE ONE WITH ROSS’S NEW GIRLFRIEND. The terrible bit is the one with Joey’s tailor. Yes, this one is funny, not that someone got abused, but that he got abused and didn’t know it.

Then it happens to you. I’d just watched this episode for the <enter any number here>th time and then headed down to meet with a new tailor someone said was excellent, when the unthinkable happened. I did wonder if it really was abuse for a second, just because I’d just watched that episode. I did wonder if I’d imagined the whole thing. Never a worse way to relate to something. It was unexpected, traumatic, and unbelievable. Ever since, I’ve been wondering about the connection.


    • FRASIER    

                       BEST – Every episode where Frasier and Lilith get together. I did like the way the series                     ended but (Spoiler Alert) Lilith was that connection that was built over from CHEERS in such an                 unbelievable live-action fashion that I always felt those were the best T.V. moments ever.                   There should be a ‘Real Housewives of Frasier’ show although none of his wives, or almost-wives, were typical housewives. I’m sure no one will have the heart to point out that they aren’t real either.
(Or a better idea is ‘The Real Housekeepers of Frasier’ with SNL actress Ana Gasteyer in the lead. ‘Bristle While You Work’ was a horror story!)

WORST – Every episode with ‘flimflam’ plot twists where Frasier juggles two beautiful women and loses them both because he is so indecisive. That was too human for me. Aren’t characters in fiction supposed to be just a bit unreal?



                       BEST – ‘SOMETHING BORROWED’ The best, sweetest, love story on a sitcom is      the one between Lilly and Marshall. The episode where they get married is the best, made better with that – all so real – intrusion from someone called ‘scooter’. That just makes me laugh, always.

                         WORST – ‘THE FINAL PAGE’ Barney and Robin get engaged. Although they seemed to be headed there, this union between a hardcore womanizer and a sworn feminist did not seem to fit in with the overall brilliance of the show. The concerned characters never evolved, they just got lazy and stopped dating other people.They became two relationship shirkers living in the same house. Even with that explanation, it was a stretch.


    • THAT 70’S SHOW

Overall, I had to admire the way the writers shaped the ‘Jackie’ character. She evolved
from a somewhat snobbish showoff into a somewhat bitchy sidekick on a T.V. Show. The Mary Tyler Moore episode with Kitty’s brownies was the one most grounded for all the characters. It was brilliant in that it was still very funny. And who hasn’t been stabbed in the back in such a spectacular fashion by someone they thought was ‘like family’?


The one where someone falls off the water tower and dies. That show had more than one person dying made funny, but this was just too much! It tainted what was supposed to be the only hangout outside the other location which was the Foreman basement, where the gang met now and then to do even more crazy things. The water tower in my hometown was special too. No one died but they could have, easily!



BEST – ‘THE SEARCH COMMITTEE’. Reed is manager because he’s got seniority. So far so good, until it is not so good with his language training and his B.O.B.O.D.Y. Anyone who hasn’t had a manager like that at some time during their career? Perhaps you just started out. If you’re lucky his plans to take off with the office clients won’t hit a roadblock called Pam.

WORST – It has all been said already. Here –