I often fantasize about doing stand-up but I never get there.

I know I never will get there.

I don’t even want to record one for YouTube,

———————–but here is one bit in a blog – 


Women are being kept out of things. Not just white women like Hilary Clinton. All women.

Just pay attention the next time when there is any bit of interesting information, about the world at large doing the rounds. “Lehman Brothers” going down?

Where were you when you first heard that? Who told you? It was most probably a man, unless you always have the news on.

Why do you think that is?

Women gather information about people they know. Men gather information about people we all know. It could easily be the other way, or maybe even EVEN. Like we all could know stuff, but somehow that is never the case.

Someone is building a bridge somewhere, and some guy you know hears about it before you do. It is never ‘I heard about it and told a guy I know.’ Never.

This exclusion is working at the grassroots level .We don’t even realize it. WE don’t do we? Else there would be more complaints. Along with the equal pay demands there would be equal gossip rights demands as well. (You know we all care more about the gossip! Shhhh!!)

You know what else is purely a man thing? Superhuman abilities.Superman is a word in the dictionary. Super Girl is still two words. Two.



Superman – super-hit. Super girl – straight to CW? CW! No one watches CW, as far as I know. Super girl. You have to string those two words together with a hyphen if you insist on talking about her. ‘Her’ as in the girl who is super – which means nothing. By not giving her her name, they send a clear message.

She does not exist. Superman does.

It isn’t just super-girl. Anyone seen LUCY?


The movie with the CPH4 or something like that. The writers got creative there and made it all about the woman. It is coming from her womb. It is all woman. And now anyone can lay their hands on this super drug. Super duper wonder drug. But somehow the woman is the only one affected and now she is like this super-being with exceptional qualities.

Why do we stop there?  Let us make sure everyone is on board. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wait no, 🙁 🙁 🙁 ……….!

No one is on board and it begins with the writers themselves. The writers there were on a mission. They make her kill for no reason. They make ‘Lucy’, the altered woman-wonder, kill for no reason. Then there is some name calling. “Witch!” And soon, there is just one man she will spare, and only because she is suddenly attracted to him and does not even ponder the philosophical questions like Batman or Spidey (Not a word) would have! What about the larger ramifications, Lucy? No, she just swoops him into a kiss.

Then the whole world learns about what a drug dealing whore she is.

Now everyone wants her dead except some geeky men who want to study her – and that is okay.

I want to say “Hey! Psst! Get a cape! Get a tight suit with an logo. Save yourself.

But it is too late for this female super-being. It is over all too quickly, and the writers make sure the audience understands that is good. She must die. That is how it must end for such people who aren’t even men. And if that makes you sad, think of her as the pixels or the bits and the bytes. She lives EVERYWHERE!!!! 

That will make people more accepting of the idea of a woman as a super-being!!!!

People loved Cat-Woman (Two words). She is pretty useless isn’t she? That animal? Harmless. Selfish. Bitchy. Nasty. Has a tail. Can get in the way. But is still lovable especially when she purrs. Hilary missed the boat there. Subtle references to Cat-Woman would have helped. Outfits, various shades of blue, a sudden snarl, a purr now and then – no one could have resisted that, including millions of Trump fans. Especially Trump fans. I mean, I have some idea.

Trump beat her to it, even there. He latched on to the pussy idea before she could. (But anyway, a good thing. No one could have patched up our differences with Russia like Trump has. Kudos!)

Cat-Woman. But we all know superman is so much better. As is Batman, Even Spiderman, a lowly insect, is so much better.

Spiderman isn’t a word. I think. It varies. And therefore I live. I have something.

They left us with something.