Holiday Heartwarmers – An Anthology of Short-Stories from Writers from all over the World.”


Well, this book is going on my blog as the ‘Book of the Month – December’. What better book to uplift your mood this holiday season?
Fifteen charming tales from across the globe. Each a well-crafted, heart-warming, Christmassy tale of love and redemption.

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While the tales are varied and dissimilar, there is a common undercurrent other than the obvious one – it is uplifting. These optimistic stories try to pull together life, with all its wretchedly horrid unfairness, with nothing more than personal determination and grit and sometimes that magical element called luck. With that the authors lose their individual names and blend into a human mass of togetherness.

Picking through these stories as listed, here are a few words about each one, as well as a favorite line from the story – something that moved me or made me laugh.

‘A White Christmas’ is a story about letting go. A family that needs to move on, by letting the dead be, and allowing the ones left behind to live the way they desire, unjudged.

Sometimes, in the big city, as she hurried down the bustling streets of Manhattan, where people jostled against each other trying to get ahead in line and life, she missed his simplicity, his positivity.”

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Homesteader’s Christmas Disaster’ taught me something. I didn’t know life was this hard in Alaska. This inspiring story is about one woman who toughens up when there is no other choice, and lives to tell the tale. She is rewarded with the kind of Christmas no one can say no to.

The stars peppered the sky, and a white and green wave undulated through the heavens, followed by a ripple of purple with red edges. Lighting up the sky, the Aurora Borealis danced in the clean air.


Lonely Ness’ could be that delightful fairy tale that adults might secretly be fantasizing about. Who doesn’t like it when ‘gruff’ softens on you when you least expect it? Well, remember to soften up ‘gruff’ first, or if you are Santa, whenever!

Just when he thought all hope was lost, the plane stopped spinning, which Ness took as a really good sign. The two pilots stopped fighting, which Ness took as a really bad sign.

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The Christmas Spirit’ is about making that choice where you are forced to think about the happiness of people who don’t contribute to your own well-being in any way. If they are here, at your door-step, looking at you for love, can you turn them away?

‘ – Thank you, Colt. I could feel all of you. It was cold, though
ν Sorry about that. Comes with the territory.
– My Shoulder is wet. Are you crying?
ν It is a thing I caught while dying.’ “

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Puppy love’ is an adorable tale of love and misfortune. When it all comes together because of a few good people (or maybe just one special someone), and some great luck, it must be Christmas time!

She could have been a three hundred pound balding man, and I still would have pulled over to help. My momma raised me like that. The fact that she was nice on the eyes was just an added bonus.

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A Christmas Awakening’ might make you cringe especially if you don’t like answering tough questions like ‘Is God Real’ and ‘Will I ever get over the one I lost’? In this tale, God becomes that desperate attempt to make a believer out of a non-believer even if this spiritual force has got the protagonist’s born-into faith mixed-up.

What other power could manifest itself in such a way where strangers connect with you, their faces covered in translucent masks, through which you can see just one thing?

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A Twisted Memory’ What is more tragic than a memory that keeps you away from family that loves you? When the clouds lift, things are set right but you wish this Christmas could have come sooner.

All the arguments, bubbling to the surface. The money that got funneled into beer and whiskey and away from needed things. Eva fled the room, feet racing to escape him.

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Times of Gifting, Time to Heal’ Overwhelming story of triumph over travails. A bus accident, the armed-forces in Afghanistan, and a mother determined to lay her son to rest her own way. It’s Christmas when she finds a whole new family.

Dead men and accidents in a foreign land were confusing new experiences, misbehaving males were a familiar challenge.

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Christmas Cinderella’ No one pretends to be perfect here. Can mere human beings dare dream of that fairy-tale love-story knowing fully well they are more than flawed? Perhaps a little luck might drive that missing Cinderella home, just in time for Christmas. It is up to you to recognize her!

Watching her green eyes, he noticed that she was moving away from the bar and towards the dance floor. When she turned around, and their eyes met again, the world stopped for a minute.

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A Little Bit of Kindness’ is a fairytale romance. A simple tale of staying honest and honorable while chasing your dreams. Love is a truly cherished gift.

There are so many people that are just down on their luck. Sometimes a friendly face or helping hand can make them feel good or get them back on their feet again.”

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Chasing Time’ – is perhaps the one tale dot-on deserving the title of ‘heart-warming’, or maybe it is just me. If you’ve waited for someone your whole life, and you finally get together, what can be more sweet or more fulfilling? And you had to wait for the person to grow up and show some gumption and he comes through! And forget about the other pin-pricks that continue to bother you!

Carly was fidgeting with the hem of her shirt and stealing glances at Ben each time something romantic was uttered. She froze as she realized Micha had caught her.


The Journey Within’ – is a real ‘pay it forward’ story. It is a daring tale in these times when it is so hard to trust. It reminded me of how much I’ve changed letting the events plaguing the world get to me. Just cash-in that free ticket to paradise, from an anonymous person, and take off already! Put that smile back on your face!!
And please don’t forget the return favor. ‘Pass it on’ to someone who is just as unhappy.

Melissa looked at the spread of headless statues and wondered how they must have stood as towers of glory, now reduced to shambles and non-entities.


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