Coinman : An Untold Conspiracy

This month’s indie ebook pick is an easy impress. It has already won several awards and is quickly becoming a bestseller.

When I read this book, I was vaguely reminded of an old classic but I am not sure which one; hopefully it will come to me later.

The setting is unique. A dingy office space somewhere in India, where the protagonist works as a clerk. Mr. Coinman gets called that because he loves jiggling the coins in his pocket. All the time. His fingers keep seeking the loose change and that is all his arm is occupied with, leaving him partially handicapped. This hook is enough to keep the reader engaged, but then it keeps getting better, or worse depending on who you are rooting for. You want to feel sorry for Coinman when he gets teased or bullied by his colleagues, but then perhaps you know someone like that who is equally annoying, and you want to root for the other side that just wants him out.

And what does his family have to say about all of this?

A very well told story that delves into the depths of common human psyche and some inhuman behavior we all tend to overlook. Or maybe this is just a singular case where a bunch of fools handle a simple problem in the worst possible way.

Either way, it is a good read