Crime Thrillers on Netflix That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. London Spy – This is a heart-wrenching tale of love between two men, one of whom ends up dead, leaving the other seeking answers to strange questions like, “Who locked him naked in a suitcase and left him up in the attic?”, and “Is it true that my boyfriend of eight months never gave me his real name?” and “Why the f*** is MI6 after him?” Transported into a world he never knew existed, the bereaved man shows us what conviction can achieve.
  2. The Fall – The terrifying tale of the psycho next door. A man who looks too much like a gigolo to ever be confused for a psycho. And yet, we are told he could be a serial killer. The hunt is on. At the crux is the dichotomy between the horror of the crimes and the normalcy of the alleged criminal’s everyday life . If you cannot digest this, you will find yourself seeking to fit the concept into something meaningful, something symbolic.
  3. Black Mirror – This is science fiction with a moral. The first season is pure genius. The second one – not so much, but it still leaves you with something, still raises the vital questions about the moral and ethical nature of the tech marvels we all believe we need. There’s the doctor who can feel your pain but then he gets so hooked on it he chucks his own until he goes numb, there’s the app that finds your perfect match, the anxious mother who fits a gps into her daughter’s brains, and a device that can trigger memories related to certain specific events that an insurance agent uses to get to the true nature of the claims. In every case the side-effects outweigh the positive aspects.
  4. Ozark – ‘The family that commits crimes together must not live in glass houses’ could have been the alternate title. This one offers a crash course in money laundering, but then it veers off into bizarre tales about country life, which means more crimes… the protagonists in this story just can’t seem to keep criminals who want to use them at bay. The lead character played by Jason Bateman must launder some ill-gotten (obviously) money for a client, or face death. That’s not all, the criminals tell him, “your wife is having an affair… and here’s proof… “, so that’s his life. It is worth finding out if he survives, and how.
  5. Manhunt Unabomber – The true story of the hunt and capture of the Unabomber is both scary and cathartic for various reasons. A lone man did this, that is scary enough, but what’s scarier is the way they show the case being handled. Years of Law and Order episodes has left my brain jaded I realized, as I woke up to the reality of what is what. At least there’s the nemesis, the man who is the match, who the Unabomber himself is surprised to admit is a worthy opponent. The shocking silver lining, who is the protagonsit, is just as determined, and the only one able to get inside the bomber’s head. He works against all odds, beating rank and bureaucracy and snobbish skepticism. Should this be this entertaining? Real people died! But then again, we need to know everything about everything, don’t we? We can all go to sleep at night with a “There’s always somebody. That button won’t get pushed. We’ll all be okay.” That’s what we must tell ourselves.