She comes rising out of the earth bearing just a strange looking writing device. She looks like a celestial nymph and speaks a strange language. Who is this woman? She wants you to know, she speaks, but no one is able to understand what she is saying. Someone takes her to a linguistics professor who is able to decipher her ancient Egyptian dialect. All she says, and repeatedly, is “Teach me”. Soon the professor learns who she really is, but he has a hard time believing it. Can it be possible that this is the very ancient Egyptian Goddess that some accounts have credited with creating the world itself? If those accounts are to be believed the ‘Goddess of literacy’, inadvertently wrote the world, with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, into existence.


And now she is here, amongst the people she created. She is here to learn, and to see if she can do anything to undo whatever she did thousands of years ago that might have affected earth and its inhabitants. What’s more, she wants his help! He wonders if he is really up to it. He fears the power that with one stroke of the celestial pen can end all life forever. Yet he embarks bravely, taking up the challenge, or perhaps he has no other choice. After all, he is married to her now, and even the looming threat of an apocalypse will not allow him to forget how much he loves the earthly form of the nymph who wrote the great book of everything.

Releasing early next year!