A story of greed, espionage, and politics in the corporate world.

A retired CEO of a leading multinational corporation in India, the only one from this country to have made major splashes on the international scene for close to a century before some others made the list around the new millennium, reflects on his life and legacy.

A very private, very brilliant genius, he is barely twenty-six when his father dies and his uncle, the then heir, adopts him since he has no progeny of his own.

His long reign is successful, until the time the information revolution happens – the age of the fourth estate.

A group of journalists come into focus as they play a cat and mouse game with their VIP quarry. The world wants to know everything about this man. Who made him what he is today? What does his private world consist of? Currently they know nothing.

Enter a stooge – a middle class Indian woman minding her own business, who gets drawn into this tussle. What happens to her, as they use her to draw the man out of his shell, is not only tragic, it is downright criminal. And what do her one-time white classmate, a best-selling author, and a local politician have to do with all of this?


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