When Amy Miles Duffy gets divorced she packs up her things, puts them in storage, and drives as far away as she can from the place she’s called home ever since to got married to Chris Duffy. Twelve years.  Finding a new place to settle down isn’t easy and once that is accomplished all she wants is to forget – but will life let her? As if scars from the past aren’t enough, she gets, in the mail, a promise of the beginnings of something freshly mysterious.

When the first package containing a couple of black and white pawns from a chess set arrives, she is sure it is a prank. Who would do such a thing? When the fifth such package arrives it gets to her; is she going to get the whole set? Why? Wondering can lead to theories and Amy has more than many and each theory makes the rest of her days all that more colorful.

A novel of love and hate, and a whole lot of suspense, Amy’s journey is spectacularly unique and uplifting.