Brain Dead – and other ‘dead’ shows.

This show is something else. Insects crawling into people’s ears causing their heads to explode or…

The investigation is still on. This CBS drama has mostly positive reviews on Metacritic .

The setting is interesting. Washington is teeming with inflated heads that are now exploding. That is interesting. The main draw according to me, was initially, Tony Shalhoub, but the focus shifted really quickly and cleverly onto other relatively unknown actors; the plot was strong enough.

A brother sister team traversing the route of Washington’s high street. A new assignment. Problems. Excessively weird problems. An ancient artifact arriving in town, all the way from Egypt? And the insects just crawling out and spreading their wings all over. Do they have wings? They look like giant ants and they just crawl around. Real Ants can kill real elephants that way. I read that somewhere. I hope it doesn’t end with that explanation. The way it is right now, I’d say that is highly unlikely. Great show.

But why are we so fascinated with the word ‘dead’ when it is part of a TV Show’s title? If it is not the title it is the theme. Is that some kind of psychological draw that the marketing pros are using? Are our ears attuned to hear the word ‘dead’? Jump! Grab the remote! Watch ‘breaking news’. Somebody is dead!

I think that would explain a lot. ‘The Walking Dead’, “Fear the Walking Dead”, “Deadwood”, “The Dead Files” … I am sure there are plenty. ( I actually enjoyed ‘Dead Like Me’). ‘Bored to Death’?

Then the ones about resurrection and the rapture – “The 4400”, “Lost”, “The Returned’, “The leftovers”…

As I was writing this, I stumbled upon this article on the same topic. Huffingtonpost’s Death on TV . I respectfully acknowledge that this has been going on for some time now.