A common complaint I hear from book lovers is “Too many books too little time

People who know how to multitask effectively still get their reading in somehow. Some techniques I myself have used

  • Read while the ads come on, on TV, if you want to get more out of your ‘play-time’.
  • Read while chatting on the phone with that person who will not hang up. Make sure you pay attention every now and then.
  • Get the audio version of the book, and now you can get your reading done almost anywhere- in the kitchen, while driving, at the gym and so on.

A big time-saver is reading while driving. While getting your audio book, you could even get a translated version – listen to a rendering in your preferred language.

If you don’t want to pay extra for the kindle audible narration, here’s an easy hack for people who own iPads/iPhones.

  • Launch the Kindle App (or any reading App including Googleplay, iBooks or magazines) and choose the book you would like read to you. Set it to the desired page.
  • Exit the App.
  • Click Settings – General
  • From the options choose ‘Accessibility’
  • Choose ‘Voice Over’ – slide the button until it turns greens/blue. (you may have to click twice). If this is the first time you are electing to use this option, Siri will make you practice. Follow the instructions and soon you’ll get the hang of it. Some adjustments include – Speed, Choice of voice (there are several inbuilt ones, or you could elect to purchase a new one that suits you better)
  • Exit Settings
  • Click Kindle – you will hear the voice you chose say ‘Kindle’ and this app will be highlighted in some way.
  • Click Kindle again to launch the App. The page you opened-up earlier should load.
  • Tap the screen anywhere and the voice-over guide will rattle off some instructions again – something like “Menu”, “Tap once for …” and “Tap twice for…”
  • Choose the ‘continuous reading’ option.
  • The voice-over begins reading. Since the swipe option is disabled, it is best to choose continuous reading. That way the operation will do the swiping for you. If this does not work, go back to settings and look at all the options under the ‘Voice Over’ menu. Make sure you haven’t included too many items for it to handle.
  • A few tries and this should work like a charm.


To get it to stop, all you need to do is exit the app, and go back to settings, and turn the voiceover off.