Comedy, Sc-Fi, Legal, Crime, Drama …

What we are being offered as new programming on TV these days is all disappointing, or maybe it is just me.

Nothing is as moving as ‘THE LEFTOVERS’ – the next best thing after LOST in the SCI-FI Genre, or as mercurial and complete as FRIENDS is the comedy world. It really has been that long.


What came after FRIENDS?

NEW GIRL –  Apparently, the critics love this show that has nothing new to offer. Three guys and a girl, a group of people living together, a young group of people with the same problems as any other young group of people living together supporting each other through a unique form of friendship in the heart of the city that is increasingly withdrawing into itself behind newer and better technology through which they can access these shows about ‘real’ people that no longer exist anywhere….I am out of breath because I am ranting and rightfully so… the ranting not the being out of breath.

TWO BROKE GIRLS – It started well, but lost its sheen somewhere in between those endless jokes making fun of a Chinese/Korean midget, the other guy from some other European country, and the beautiful Le Miserable that hate being waitresses while caring for a horse.

MODERN FAMILY – This ends with the title and its description of the people involved. It is a portrait of the American neighborhood of the new millennia and at that it is absurd in how incomplete it is. Apparently, the rest aren’t ‘modern’ enough to make the cut.  It is the best of the three on this list so far. Personally, I suspect many just enjoy watching Sofia Vergara, and others are curious about the gay couple in the mix.

THE FAMILY SHOWS – O’Neals and the others – Nothing even comes close to Raymond and co.  Is a comparison fair? Why else are they there? Does motivate me to read more.

BIG BANG THEORY – This show did not get its due when the competition was around. FRIENDS, TWO & A HALF MEN and so on, but now this is looking good and just when the actors are beginning to outgrow their roles age-wise!

THE NUMEROUS SHOWS TRYING TO CAPITALIZE ON THE ‘JOEY’ FROM FRIENDS MAGIC – Stop! Please!! It is all terrible. From JOEY to EPISODES to MAN WITH A PLAN. (That one belongs up there with the family shows). Off the top of my head, I’d cast him in a show about ageing super-heroes with a prostrate problem and a bruised ego. I think people will love something like that. Something that is honest, and brings back the lovable boy-lost charm that everyone felt was so adorable in Joey-the character. He should grow old the lovable way. Else he should break mold and play a woman, a once-upon-a-time man who is now a woman with the same problems.

THE MICK – A neat transition for Kate Olsen. I think this might be it. Why is it tucked away in the bottom drawer? Just like ‘IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY…, it is quirky as any satire should be AND fresh.

But the best comedy on TV today is

SILICON VALLEY – It is present and reflective. It is quirky and grounded. It is class conscious and stays true to life. Above all it makes everyone laugh.



What’s trying to grab the LOST fans back?

Time-travel? Why are there so many of those shows all over the networks and cable TV?

TIMELESS – The time-traveler theme grew tedious after a while. It is not LOST but it works to keep up an odd interest. But soon you notice how repetitive it is, you know what comes next, and then it became as stale as that event that already happened long ago, that you know too well.

TIME AFTER TIME – I have only one thing to say about this. Do they know anything about psychos like JACK the RIPPER? OR even people who are habitual molesters? This romanticizing of JACK the RIPPER is not just annoying, it is nauseating. It is also neither historically nor scientifically accurate in any way even after allowing for new narration liberties.

FREQUENCY – THIS is the best of the time-travel shows and it isn’t even prime-time, but again, the movie was a lot better.

TRAVELLERS – Interesting. This one on Netflix has an edge. They have a clear purpose, and the show, unlike others, follows the presets of its own logic. I still don’t watch this as much I watch a LOST rerun even. The hook isn’t that engaging.

GAME OF THRONES – Hate to admit that the fans are right in picking this. I don’t think this replaces LOST completely in the SCI-FI world but perhaps, maybe, if I actually start watching this show like the rest of my family….



The Legal Shows?

Nothing great there either.

BULL is trying. I think it could grow into something close to BOSTON LEGAL.

SUITS maybe…




My favorite show on TV is right here-

ELEMENTARY – the most brilliant show on TV. After NUMBERS CBS threw up yet another beauty.

NCIS/LAW& ORDER and what have you – love those shows. I used to love me my comedies but with the dearth there my attention is diverted to these shows you can catch up with anytime.

CRIMINAL MINDS – The show that everyone hates to admit they love is going through something. They’re meddling with some of the most lovable characters. First Derek then Reid. Don’t know why they’d shelve to a corner the best person on their fictional team!

BLINDSPOT – Nothing likeable about this. Was a great pilot though.

LIMITLESS – Same with limitless. The movie was better.




I don’t watch, but I know from tuning in now and then that there are some good stories here that just hook you. You are drawn into the lives of the characters and here, the more unreal the better. The drama I still love is ‘PARTY OF FIVE’. Some of these new ones are better.

SECRETS and LIES – I liked this one. The human emotions rang true.


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – Tick. Watched Season 1. Viola Davis wows.


BIG LITTLE LIES – Great cast and plot. The plot makes you so uncomfortable you can’t watch. I can’t watch. I know it is good because of how terrible I feel just thinking about it.

IMPOSTERS – This new show on Bravo rings true if you’ve ever been a victim of Identity Theft. I am hooked.