41 iphone & iPad Apps for the Writer on the Go...


There are Apps for everything. My iPad is cluttered with Apps, and I cannot find what I am looking for sometimes.  The ‘universal search’ feature is useless if you cannot remember the name of the App, and some of those names are far from intuitive.

Like ‘DoorDash’. DoorDash is an app that lets you order food from restaurants close to your home. It went from ‘That’s a good food delivery app’ to ‘Take out or just delivery, what was that?” to ‘Where is that restaurant on your ipad thingy?” to “What is that damn thing called? I am hungry and I need to use that right now because I am in no mood to cook or step outside.”

I ended up cooking that odd looking vegetable I found in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator.

When I found it again, I could not believe this app was called ‘DoorDash’. Why? What was the reasoning behind ‘DoorDash’ for an app that lets you order food not dashing doors, or furniture, or hardware of any kind? They dash the delivery to your door, fantastic image that creates, but I think they should have left the metaphor out of the selling.

The people who write metaphors for a living have figured it out. These apps listed below are aids the serious-minded writer on the go, and none of the names are imaginative. Every name is self-explanatory, and that is what we need. That is helpful.  I think there is a lesson in there for the writer in all of us. I personally do not like using aids of any kind, very old-school that way, even if I am not old, just not a millennial. But even I found something helpful. The EasyBib app lets you scan barcodes of books and then drafts a bibliography/citation for you. I just use it to build a catalog. And this app is currently free!

This list is by no means comprehensive, and the prices and ratings listed should be checked because they change often.

Sl. No. APP Price ($) What it does Rating (Out of 5)
1 Story Spark
By Thinkamingo – Story Prompts
2.99 Provides writing prompts 1
2 WriteNow App! By GREATER GOOD NETWORK (Giives you a writing prompt a day) Free to download A writing prompt a day 1.1
3 MOOD: You do the writing we do the magic
By Notegraphy
Free to download Mood lets you apply filters to your writing with various backgrounds and colors. 2
4 EasyBib
By Imagine Easy Solutions – Citation Generator
Free to download Generates citations/ bibligraphies for 56 different source types (Newspapers, journals and so on). Follows standards. Can create a citation from books scanned 2.7
5 Free Word Count by Lau Brothers LLC (Count words and Avg. Reading time) Free to download There are several word count apps. This one counts both words and characters. Can paste or type directly. 3.1
6 Write or Die by DR WICKED ( Writer’s Block) 9.99 An intuitive app. Forces out writer’s block by penalizing you for procrastinating 3.2
7 Just Write – Minimalistic Writing App for Writers by Tung Vu Free to download Promises to be the text editor focused on helping the writer in you with features like ‘1 tap selection’ of text. 3.4
8 Ink On – Track Your Writing by INKED VOICES (WORD COUNT, LOG SESSIONS) 4.99 Organize your writing, log writing sessions and more 3.5
9 OmniOutliner 2
By The Omni Group
29.99 Create, outline, organize, share. Offers a range of features to help you outline your story 3.8
10 The Brainstormer
By Tapnik   (Wheel of creativity)
1.99 Progressively larger wheels align plots, subjects, and settings or style to brainstorm ideas for creative writing. 3.8
11 Story Tracker Lite – writers submission tracking
By Andrew Nicolle (Story Tracker – $7.99)
7.99 The lite version is free to download. Keep track of all your submissions. 3.8
12 StorySkeleton
By Tin Fish
8.99 As the name suggests, this app helps you create the outlines for your projects. It is an interface of notecards that you can export to your regular writing app like Final Draft or Scrivener. It also allows imports form .Skel and .opml 4.1
13 StoryCraft – collaborative story writing with choose your next action rpg play
By The Othernet, LLC
Free to download With words provides by other users, the writer can choose his own writing path. A blend between social networking and picking writing prompts. 4.1
14 Name Dice – random names for writers
By Thinkamingo
Free to download This tool generates fictional names. Keep rolling the dice until you find the name you like. 4.2
15 Story Dice – ideas for writers
By Thinkamingo
1.99 The dice throws up pictures that you can use as prompts. 4.2
16 Scrivo Pro for Scriveners

By Kairoos Solutions SL

9.99 This app (Not from the makers of Scrivener), is marketed as a ‘stand-alone writing app’ that is a great companion for Scrivener or Ulysses. Has a ‘distraction free mode’ which means that you are only looking at the paragraph you are working on, as your type. 4.3
17 WordPalette – Experimental Creative Writing by Christopher Garver Free to download Provides a tabbed list of words on a ‘word palette’. Link words to form sentences. Suggested as a cure for writer’s block. 4.6
18 Word Keeper by E-leet solutions – Keep track of all your writing, word count etc. great companion app for NANO 5.99 This app helps you keep track of all your writing. “Overviews of projects”. Features charts, and other stats about your projects. Also available for your Apple watch 4.8
19 Lists for Writers by Thinkamingo- Ideas for creative writing 2.99 Offers prompts including names, character traits and plot lines and a lot more 4.9
20 Writing challenge by SCVisuals– Productivity and education 2.99 Provides writing prompts; suggests prompts every minute once you begin Not yet rated
21 Ideas for writing  by SCVisuals 2.99 Also by SC Visuals, You can buy this separately or as part of a Literautas Writing Pack ($9.99 for This, Story Planner, Writing Challenge and Writing Challenge for kids). This product is marketed as a ‘Whole writing Workshop’. Comes with writing exercises. Not yet rated
22 Writing Prompts
By 21×20 Media, Inc.
1.99 Generates writing prompts using a varying array of inputs including current events. You can shake your device to change prompts! Not yet rated
23 Celtx Index Cards byy Celtx Inc Free to download Self explanatory. Works with the Celtx studio, script writing app. not yet rated
24 Story Bluprint by Pixovi Movie Network LLc Free to download Outline your story. Create a ‘Bird’s eye’ view’.  Provides slots for story events not yet rated
25 Character Generator by MICHELLE RAN LLC Free to download Generates character names, traits and more not yet rated
26 Character Prompts by 21X20 MEDIA INC. 1.99 Has “19 different profile characteristics filled with randomly generated information.” not yet rated
27 Spice Mobile by WRITER’S MUSE LLC (THESAURUS/ KEYWORDS AND PHRASES!!!) Free to download Requires a subscription after a trial period. It is a phrase thesaurus not yet rated
28 Writing Toolkit HD BY SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SOFTWARE LLC 3.99 The Lite version is free to download. Customized content depending on the kind of writer you are – prompts are the least of it. ‘A springboard of 14 icons’ shapes the way you use the app to help with your writing not yet rated
29 Wriiter’s Block Buster  by  SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS SOFTWARE LLC 3.99 Prompts for fiction, nonfiction, technical writing and more not yet rated
30 PoeTree Writer by AUTUMN DESELLEM (Counts Syllables) free to download For the poetry writer. Counts syllables and more not yet rated
31 Freewrite by TIN FISH  (brainstorming tool) 0.99 Intuitive app that helps you generate ideas as long as you keep writing not yet rated
32 in 55 Words Flash Fiction by SOFIA KIND (Share – there is a 55 Words community) Free to download Write and share app. Or write your novel 55 words at a time not yet rated
33 Writing Shed by KIETH LANDER 12.99 This app helps you maintain multiple versions of the same project. Develop outlines, track your submissions, and a lot more features. not yet rated
34 Auteureist for iPad $19.99 (A writer’s companion)  by VISUALNEWT SOFTWARE 19.99 This app does not provide any description but the images suggest this is a story building app where you can write, track, and save your novel and build outlines with the notecards feature. not yet rated
35 The Poet Tarot – Creativity Tool $1.99 by TWO SYLVIA PRESS 1.99 A unique deck of cards provides all kinds of artists with ‘quirky’ tips to gt ahead with their creativity. not yet rated
36 WriteIdeas by ROCKSOFT Free to download Develop a database of your writing ideas. Organize your ideas any which way, store and retireve. not yet rated
37 Plotline by AKF CREATIVE – Plot your story structure 2.99 Structure your story by plotlines and related scenes not yet rated
38 Write on Track by MOVING MEDIUM 1.99 Set goals, keep your writing on track. not yet rated
39 The Prisoner’s Keyboard by NICHOLAS BARR ( Practice with letters removed) Free to download Create ‘Lipograms’ by removing certain letters from the keyboard. ‘First keyboard built for creative writing’. not yet rated
40 Noveledge by PT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS 5.99 Untimate writing tool for novelists on the iPad’ (Not for the iPhone), provides styled text support, allows multiple writing projects and more not yet rated
41 Final Draft Reader by By Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC Free to download Free to download. Read your final draft projects on the go. not yet rated


*Images sourced from Google

**Ratings from App Store (iPad)


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